December Principal's Message

December, here we are! As always, I would like to start with some “Thank Yous.” I would like to thank all of the staff and students who made our Remembrance Day Assemblies so special. I would like to thank the teachers who organized the Integration Days. These days allow classroom teachers time in small groups to work on goal setting and conference preparation with their students. Thank you to all of the grades 4-8 teachers and students for their work on completing the “Our School Surveys.” The responses from these surveys are shared at the school, division and provincial levels. Thank you and congratulations to the students who had their art on display at the Team Lerminiaux Art Show at Division Office. The art will remain there for a few more weeks for staff and visitors to enjoy. And finally, I would like to thank all of the families who attended 3-Way Conferences. These meetings are essential for communication and for building relationships that help to support students. Thank you to staff for the time and effort that you put into preparing for and hosting these conferences.

This month we look forward to having Mme Fournier join our staff. She will be replacing Mme McCashin when she goes on maternity leave. We wish Mme McCashin and her family all of the best and we thank her for a wonderful start to the school year. The month of December is full of excitement including: band concerts, the Winter Carnival and winter holidays! The last day of classes is on December 22. We have a 2:30 dismissal that day. I wish you all the best over the holidays and into the New Year. May you find time to relax and have fun with friends and family. Take care and be safe. The fun and learning continues in January when we return rejuvenated and full of new energy.