Weekly Update

For the week of February 11th

Staff appreciation week! A huge thank you to all of our Massey Families for all the spoiling that is to come this week. We appreciate everything that you do to make our love of teaching so much easier! 

(Just for giggles - because we know just how accurate our long-range forecasts can be- I've included the projected temperatures for each day. Everyone cross your fingers for warm enough weather to be outside for recess!!)

Monday: -18 with a -22 windchill = OUTSIDE :)

  • Girls Basketball practice 7:30am
  • Ganshirt to Last Mountain House (all day)
  • Potter to Trapper Field Trip (all day)
  • Battle of the Books meeting at lunch
  • Girls Basketball game at 4:00pm @ Massey vs. Pawson School 

Tuesday: (officially the 100th day of school) : -19 with a -27 windchill = inside :(

  • Girls basketball practice at 7:30am
  • Boys basketball game @ W.F. Ready school 4:00pm

Wednesday: -19 with a -25 windchill = outside/inside possibility

  • Battle of the Books meeting at lunch
  • Boys basketball practice at 3:37pm

Thursday: -19 with a -25 windchill = outside/inside possibility

  • MAC Valentine/Kindness Stations (All day)
  • GSA meeting at noon
  • Fick to Wascana Marsh (afternoon)

Friday: -17 with a -23 windchill = outside :)

  • Healthy Hunger Lunch - Good Earth (for everyone who ordered)
  • Last day of classes before February Break

February Break - No School from Feb 18-22nd. Students return on Feb. 25th.