Weekly Update

Update for the week of June 17th

June- you are already too fast - how did I miss a week? Oh boy - sorry folks!

It's the MAC Team's Spirit Week - check out all the fun activities planned!


  • Gr. 8s to Circle Square Ranch Camp
  • MAC Spirit Day: Crazy Hat and Hair Day


  • Gr. 8s to Circle Square Ranch Camp
  • MAC Spirit Day: Vacation/Tourist Day
  • 12:45pm - Volunteer Tea in the Gym


  • MAC Spirit Day: Decades Day
  • Eyre and Ganshirt to Science Center - 9:30-2:30
  • Massey Pool Swim times:
    • 1-2pm: Fournier, Clement, Potter, Shamel, Cazakoff, Peters, Seiferling
    • 2-4pm: Cazakoff, Shamel, Seiferling, Henrion, Potter, Clement, Peters


  • MAC Spirit Day: Disney Day
  • Gr. 8 Farewell Rehearsal (am)
  • GSA meeting at 12:00


  • MAC Spirit Day: Skittle Day
    • Kdg: Pink
    • Gr.1: Red
    • Gr. 2: Orange
    • Gr. 3: Yellow
    • Gr. 4: Light Green
    • Gr. 5: Dark Green
    • Gr. 6: Light Blue
    • Gr. 7: Dark Blue
    • Gr. 8: Purple
  • Gr. 8 Farewell Rehearsal (am)
  • Fick and McCashin to IMAX and Candy Cane park- 12:30-3:00
  • Krassman to Gymnastics club- 1:00-2:30
  • Gr. 8 Farewell: 3:00-5:00 @ Campbell Auditorium

Upcoming Events to take note of (this list may change):

  • May 27th: Grade 4-8 School Track Meet @ Sheldon Williams Collegiate- moved to June 3rd
  • May 29th: Treaty 4 Flag Raising Ceremony: 9:15am - all are welcome to attend
  • June 3rd: Track Meet Day @ Sheldon
  • June 4th: Boston Pizza Lunch
  • June 6th: Junior Winds Concert @ Campbell 7pm
  • June 6th: Final SCC Meeting of the school year : 7pm
  • June 5th: Girls Basketball Windup: 3:40pm-5:15pm
  • June 7th: GSA Diversity Fair Day (all day in Gym)
  • June 12th: Pita Pit Lunch
  • June 13th: All library books need to be returned
  • June 14th: No school for students- PD Day for Teachers
  • June 17th-18th: Grade 8 Camping Trip
  • June 17th: MAC Spirit Day: Crazy Hat and Hair Day
  • June 18th: MAC Spirit Day: Vacation/Tourist Day
  • June 18th: Volunteer Tea 1:00pm-2:00pm
  • June 19th: MAC Spirit Day: Decades Day
  • June 20th: MAC Spirit Day: Disney Day
  • June 21st: MAC Spirit Day: Skittles Day
  • June 21st: Grade 8 Farewell @ 3:00pm
  • June 24th: Grades 5-8 at Evraz Park and Pool
  • June 25th: Field Trips Galore (please check the Massey Calendar - too many to list!)
  • June 26th: Year End Assembly 10:30am @Campbell Auditorium
  • June 27th: Last day of school for students - early dismissal - 2:30pm