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Charlotte's Web discussion questions and audio/video recordings

Chapter 22 - last one:

Today we watched the Charlotte's Web movie together.  It was wonderful!

  1. In thinking about how things are different in books than in movies, did you notice any differences between the two in the last chapter?
  2. Wilbur went from happy to sad back to trembling with Joy?  What happened to make Wilbur feel so many emotions?
  3. "Wilbur never forgot Charlotte."  "She was a true friend and a good writer."  What does it take to be a good friend that will never be forgotten, even when they are gone?
  4. What was your favourite part of the book?
  5. What was your favourite part of the movie?
  6. In reflecting back to the Grandfather/Grandmother/Sacred Teachings, which of the seven teachings is seen most often in the book?
  7. If you could change the ending, how would you rewrite the story?


Chapter 19 & 20 & 21 - June 8th, 9th and 10th


  1. What great work (magnum opus) did Charlotte make? What is your greatest work so far in your life?
  2. Why do you think Wilbur feels that Templeton should be ashamed of himself?
  3. What does it mean to be humble?  Which Grandfather Teachings tell us about being humble? 
  4. Why is it important to be humble?
  5. Why would Wilbur feel so dizzy during the great announcement?
  6. What does it mean to be a true friend?
  7. Why would Templeton work so hard at getting the sac?
  8. Why would Wilbur put the egg sac in his mouth?  Wasn't he afraid that it would get wet?


Chapter 18 - June 7th

  1. Why is Charlotte telling Templeton that this will be her last  web?
  2. Did you know that the word 'humble' had two meanings?
  3. Which Grandfather teachings would the word humble fit with?
  4. What do you think Charlotte was making for herself up in the corner?
  5. What is the best time you have ever had anywhere or any time in all of your whole life? (Just like Fern's day at the fair)

Chapter 17 - June 4th

  1. What do you think Fern and Avery will be able to buy with two quarters and two dimes? Would you be able to buy quite a bit at the fair if you had 70 cents?
  2. Why was Wilbur was worried about Charlotte?  
  3. We had our own heat wave here in Regina, being in the shade of the truck must have been nice for Fern and Avery.  Why do you think they fell asleep there?
  4. Avery looked after his sister Fern while exploring the fair, which Grandmother Teaching is he putting into practice here?

Chapter 16 - June 3rd

  1. Why is today such a big day for everyone?
  2. What did Mrs. Arable use to wash Wilbur?  Why would she use that?
  3. Why did Templeton change his mind about going to the fair?  
  4. Did you ever decide you were not interested in something when you have never experienced before?  What would make you change your mind, just like Templeton?
  5. Why did Wilbur feel like he was going to faint?
  6. Who was in the crate with Wilbur?  Who was demonstrating Grandfather Teachings in going along with Wilbur in the crate?

Chapter 15 - June 2nd

  1. What does the word versatile mean? Can you think of a person in your life that is versatile?
  2. In this chapter, we learn that Wilbur is modest.  Which Grandfather teaching shows us this quality?
  3. There are many things happening around the end of summer.  What does Charlotte have to prepare for?

Chapter 14 - June 1st

  1. Mrs. Arable said that Fern was spending too much time alone.  Was she really alone?
  2. Why is Mrs. Arable so worried about Fern?
  3. For older grades: Do you see any stereotypes here in this novel?
  4. Dr. .Dorian called Fern 'enchanting'.  What do you think that means?
  5. Which Grandmother Teaching is Fern demonstrating when she takes the time to listen carefully to her friends the animals?
  6. What did Dr. Dorian say that people should do less of and then more of?

Chapter 13 - May 31st

  1. How would the words from a soap ad relate to Wilbur?
  2. What does Charlotte mean when she talks about her cousin the balloonist?
  3. Why do spiders have different kinds of webs?
  4. Why would folks who had seen the 'some pig' words in the web come back to the barn?
  5. Fern stays with Wilbur until he falls asleep.  Which Grandfather teachers is Fern following?

Chapter 12 - May 28th

  1. Why did Charlotte call a meeting of all the animals?
  2. Why does it help to get ideas from others?
  3. Do you think Templeton is thinking of others when he agrees to get magazine clippings from the dump?
  4. Can you share a time when you asked others for help, or to share ideas?
  5. Which Sacred Teachings do we learn about in this chapter?  Is Templeton following the teachings of the eagle?

Guest Reader Chapter 12: (Follow this link for a video reading of Chapter 12)


Chapter 11 - May 27th

  1. Why did Lurvy feel weak and think he was seeing things?
  2. Why would so many people come to the farm to see a spiderweb?
  3. How did so many folks know about the web when it was supposed to be a secret?
  4. Did Charlotte's trick really work?
  5. Why is Wilbur being treated differently now?  Did he change or is Wilbur the same?
  6. In the Grandfather teachings, turtle tells us about the importance of truth and beaver tells us about the importance of wisdom.  Which one would you think about for this chapter?

Guest Reader Chapter 11:  (Follow this link for an audio reading of Chapter 11)



Chapter 10 - May 26th

  1. Why does Charlotte think that people are gullible?
  2. Do you think your parent or guardian would let you swing on the Zuckerman's swing?
  3. Have you ever smelled a rotten egg?
  4. Why was the goose delighted that one of her eggs never hatched?
  5. The Grandmother teachings let us know that everything has a purpose on Mother Earth.  Does this even apply to rotten eggs?


Guest Reader Chapter 10:  (Follow this link for an audio reading of Chapter 10)



Thank you for checking our website daily for discussion questions for each chapter:

Chapter 9 - May 25th

  1. Everyone has special talents.  Do you think Wilbur realizes that he will never be able to spin a web like Charlotte?
  2. Why do you think Wilbur was trying to show off to Charlotte?
  3. Which Sacred Teachings helps us to remember to stay humble?
  4. What is the opposite of being humble?
  5. Is being proud of your accomplishments the same as being boastful?  Why?

Guest Reader for Chapter 9:  Follow Link for Video Reading of Chapter 9


Chapter 8 - May 20th

  1. Why would only 7 goslings hatch when they are 8 eggs?
  2. Would your family worry about you if you were rambling on about animals talking to each other?
  3. Could it be that Fern has much sharper ears than the rest of her family?
  4. Do you think animals communicate between each other?  If so, how do they do it?  If not, why?
  5. The Bison carries the gift of respect.  How is Fern respecting all life on Mother Earth?


Chapter 5, 6 & 7 - May 17, 18 & 19th

  1. Wilbur meets Charlotte for the first time in person.  Why would Wilbur worry about his friendship with Charlotte?
  2. Do our friends always have to be 'just like us' to be good friends?
  3. Which Grandmother Teaching is Charlotte living by when she tells Wilbur about herself?
  4. Do you think Wilbur and Charlotte will be good friends?


Chapter 4 for Friday, May 14th:

  1. Sometimes we are sad when the plans we make fall through.  What were some of the reasons Wilbur was so sad in this chapter?
  2. Which Grandfather teaching did the lamb NOT think about when talking with Wilbur?
  3. Why would Wilbur not eat from his trough?
  4. If someone asked you this question "Will you please play with me?"   What would you say?
  5. Do you think Wilbur will be able to sleep?  Why or why not?

Chapter 3 for Thursday, May 13th:

  1. Why would Fern's uncle not allow her to go into the pen with Wilbur?
  2. The animals heard very quickly that Wilbur had escaped.  How did this happen so fast?
  3. Wilbur became very confused by all the advice given to him by the other animals while he was out of the pen.  Why do you think he felt relieved when he saw Mr. Zuckerman with a pail of slop.
  4. It isn't always easy to make the right decisions when you are not sure, especially when your friends are giving you so much advice.  How do you make decisions that are right for you? 
  5. Which Grandfather Teaching guides you in making the right decisions for yourself?

Chapter 2 for Wednesday, May 12th:

  1. How many times a day does Fern have to feed Wilbur?
  2. Why do you think Mr. Zuckerman bought Wilbur?
  3. How do you think Wilbur is feeling after being taken away from his home?
  4. Fern took her role of looking after Wilbur very seriously.  Is she showing responsibility?  How do you show responsibility?
  5. Can you see any stereotypical gender roles here in this chapter?

Chapter 1 for Tuesday, May 11th:

  1. Which Grandfather Teaching is Fern showing when she wants to save the small and weak pig?
  2. What does the word injustice mean? 
  3. Where do you think the Zuckerman's farm is located?
  4. Is this farm on Treaty land?