Kindergarten Orientation

We had our Kindergarten Orientation on May 17th at 6 pm in the gym. How wonderful to meet all our new Massey Mustang families and our future kindergarten/maternelle students.  If you were unable to attend please call Mme Juhasz at (306) 791-8504 or contact her via email at 


The attached letter has been sent out to all families registered for kindergarten starting in the September 2022.  If you have a child born in 2017, they are eligible to register for Kindergarten starting in the fall 2022.  Please see the registration page at  Kindergarten Registration Link  and forward your completed registration form to


Kindergarten Orientation Invitation 


Here is the webcast created by Mme Heinen that you can refer to at anytime for information regarding Kindergarten starting in the fall of 2022: