Chap 24 & 25 - One School One Book

Chapter 24:

An accident occurs. How do you think Roz will handle the aftermath of her actions? If
you cause an accident, what is the first thing you tend to do? Do you believe Roz would
take the same steps as you in atoning for your mistake?

Chapter 25:

Roz takes on the responsibility of caring for the unbroken egg. Have you ever
shouldered a responsibility of this size, be it taking care of a younger sibling or a pet?
What advice would you give Roz in taking care of the egg? 


Happy Reading! 




Chapter 22:

Roz cannot feel emotions, which the narrator says is a good thing given the mean words
said by the forest animals. Has there ever been a time when you wish you couldn’t feel
your emotions? What happened to make you feel this way? How would you describe
the emotion you felt at that time?

Would you like to have a switch that would allow you to click off your emotions, like
a robot? What would you gain from having that switch? What would you lose?

Chapter 23:

Roz has a positive interaction with Fink the fox. How do you believe this interaction
will affect the way the other animals view Roz? Do you think there will be any change
at all?

What can you tell about Roz’s character that, even when she is being called mean
things, she steps in to do the right thing? Is that easier for a robot than for a person?


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Chapter 20:

“When Roz first stomped across the island, the animal squawks and growls and chirps
had sounded like nothing more than meaningless noises. But she no longer heard
animal noises. Now she heard animal words.”  Through taking the time to
observe the animals in the woods, Roz understands them. Do you think there is a lesson
in this quote for people? For kids? For adults?

Chapter 21:

The animals in the wood are given dialogue for the first time in the novel. What is the
purpose of this change? Did anything the animals have to say surprise you? Did they
speak in a way that you expected?

None of the animals trust Roz, as they expect she will harm or eat them. Is that a
reasonable assumption for them to make? How might Roz convey to the animals she’s
not a threat? Do you believe Roz will keep trying to befriend the creatures of the forest?


Happy Reading



Chapter 18:

Roz must choose between staying alive or staying clean. Which would you choose? Why?

Roz uses plants and dirt to camouflage herself. Considering the types of wildlife that
are in a forest, what sort of plants and flowers might you use to hide? Would you
incorporate other materials like sticks, stones, and leaves? Be specific and think

To remain hidden, Roz must be still. Are you someone who prefers to be in-motion or
could you stay in one place like Roz? How long do you think you could remain standing
in the same spot before you grew bored or tired? How long do you believe Roz might
stay in the clearing? Would a robot be better at staying still than a person?


Chapter 19:

Roz observes the natural world around her. If you’re alone in a space, what are some
things you tend to notice first? Sounds or smells? Colors or shapes? How might taking
the time to observe your surroundings improve your sense of awareness?  


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Chapter 16:

Roz is having a very, very difficult day. First, she’s chased by bears and now, a bird
has splattered its droppings on Roz. Have you ever had a day when nothing seems to
go right?  When you find yourself stressed, how do you unwind? Do you have someone you trust who can help you carry the weight of a long day? Any tips for remaining stress-free?

Chapter 17:

Roz finds a stick insect on a twig. Have you ever seen a bug like this before? Do you
tend to go to or shy away from bugs? Could you have picked the stick insect up like

The stick bug has taught Roz her first lesson—camouflage helps the stick bug survive,
and might just help her survive, too. What role do you think camouflage will play as
the story moves forward? How might Roz use camouflage to her advantage? Do people
ever use camouflage to stay safe?  


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Chapter 14:

Roz wakes two bears up from their morning nap. When you’re woken up unexpectedly, how do you act? Are you someone that’s slow to wake? Do you get grumpy like a pair of bears?

Roz is programmed against violence, making it near-impossible for her to defend herself against the bears. Even if you don’t want to hurt someone, do you think there are times when you just have to keep yourself safe? Should Roz have broken her protocol?


Chapter 15:

Roz says, “I do not understand you, bears.” When you are confused or don’t understand someone, what do you do? What advice would you give Roz to better understand the world around her?

Happy Reading


Chapter 12:

Roz is caught in a thunderstorm. How do you feel about storms? Do you like them?
Dislike them? Are you calmed by them? Would you feel differently if you were a robot?

Roz, trapped in a landslide of rocks and mud, is helpless. Has there ever been a time
when you’ve felt this way? What did you do? Looking back, what would you do

Chapter 13:

While Roz recovers from her exposure to the storm, she notices the animals weathered
the rain and thunder just fine. What can Roz learn from these animals? Do you think
the animals could learn something from her, too?  


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Chapter 9:

Roz realizes that she is on an island.  What would be the first thing you would do if you were stranded on an island?  Would you want to try to leave to take time to explore?


Chapter 10:

The narrator inserts a reminder for the reader that it never occurred to Roz “that she
might not belong” on the island. What is this purpose of having a narrator that knows
so much? Who do you think the narrator is?  


Chapter 11:

Roz powers down for the night by having her “nonessential programs switched off” (p.
25). How would you describe your process to fall asleep? Is it as quick as Roz’s? Do
you have any kind of routine you follow at night? Would you like to be able to flip a
switch like Roz? 


Happy Reading

Chap 7:

Roz finds a “patch of ground that was flat and open and carpeted with pine needles” that she sees as a safe place. When you think of safety and security, what is the first place that comes to mind? Is there a location that brings you comfort more than any other? What is it?

Chapter 8:
Roz gets annoyed when pine cones keep falling on her. What is something that annoys
you? Is it a pers


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Chapter 6


1.  Why would the crab show his claws when first meeting Roz?


2. What did Roz learn from watching the crab?  How did this help Roz get up the hill?


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Chapter 5

1.  What are survival instincts? 

2.  Do people and other animals have survival instincts?

3.  Is ROZZUM just a name for ROZ or is it for the other robots too? 

4.  Why would the lush forest with trees and flowers be a safer place for Roz?

Happy Reading!



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